ImageI have been a part of a group of friends where we think we are different from others. When you are young you dont think about the consequences that come with the responsibilities of being down, we just think about being cool. But thats when you are young ! No excuses ladies ! I truley believe Basketball Wives show knew the responsibility of their actions, and now they are suffering a great defeat and when your money is being held up in legalities, it’s kind of a factor. Hopefully we can learn something from this situation ladies like, you want to teach positive outcome at the end of each show and a family can watch you together. “I recommend getting tips from Rev Run” Show people how you make your money or beauty tips like The Kardashians… I love and commend Jennifer for being a great and classy person the whole way even when Tammy claims she bullied someone. “I thought she was rediculous bringing that up”. And the producers must feel some kind of way when the lawsuit came down. “Lesson learn ladies” I hope next season you all are beautiful inside and out. Can’t wait for the spinoff of EVE and CHAD. “Peace bmiller”